How to Continue Game after switching apps?

  • I was playing my first multiplayer, auto match game on mobile today. I got one text message. I replied to the text message. When I tried to go back to the game CU reloaded to the start menu with no option to continue my game. Is there really no way to check a message during a game and bounce back in to my game in progress? I have to ignore all texts and calls during the whole game? That seems ridiculous.

    On top of that I tried clicking auto match hoping it would put me in the same game I was in and instead it started a new game. I was so pissed I quit that game. 2 games of Elo down the drain.... please fix!


  • Doesn't your mobile device have pop-up text? I get texts during games all the time, but I have mine set to use pop-up windows. I don't know about Apple devices, but on Android you can also switch between active apps with the square button.

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