Is Google Play Required for the Android App?

  • I uninstalled Google Play on my Android. Now, whenever I launch Catan Universe I get 2 full screen prompts stating I must install Google Play, that it is required. If I close the windows, I proceed on to the game and, as far as I can tell, all functions normally. I would like to know officially, if Google Play is required and, if not, how to get the prompts to stop appearing every time I launch the app

  • Google Play is required because of the various achievements you can earn. Whenever you earn an achievement it gets synced to your Play account. A lot of Android games use this functionality. When the game starts it is checking with Google Play to sync those achievements. Also, Google Play is needed to buy Catan gold on Android.

    If you have an Android phone I am not sure why you would want to uninstall Play, but if you want to play Catan without it then you will probably continue to have those screens. You could try playing in a browser or on a PC or Mac with the Steam app. Though I have heard that gold costs a bit more through Steam than Google.

  • @LemuelB2 Appreciated. I ran into a storage issue and uninstalled everything I could. I am past that now and will reinstall. Thanks

  • I also unistalled Google Play - and don´t want to install it.
    It is pretty annoying that it always opens up Google play with the question to install it.
    When I start the second time, everything works well. Therefore Google Play is not necessary.

    Is there any way to cut that function, so I can start Catan without the annoying request to open Google Play?
    I would appreciate it.

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