Dice card stacks

  • Hello!

    Could you apply the dice card stacks (without shuffling and splitting), in the multiplayer game, please? You allow it against the AI, so you have the technology to do it. You also say that it is the fairest method to mimic real life, so you could do it. We want the best for the game? so, then why not make the game be down to skill instead of what the AI decides. Please go for it!! You would make a lot of players very happy! :)
    So very many people are disgruntled with fixed games that have statistically ridiculous rolls. I just had a long game with almost more 8's than everything else put together. I have 30 or so screenshots for you, if you care to see them and so do a lot of other people.
    Let's be frank, if the AI stopped trying to fix the multiplayer game, you would get a lot of respect from a lot of people and we could actually enjoy the game as Klaus Tueber intended. There is no need to interfere. Please leave the dice to randomness and let us try to use our skill to move forward. Thanks for fixing nearly all of the comms bugs. That makes it so much better already.

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