The Greater Catan Rules

  • Can someone please help me out with the Rules for "The Greater Catan" scenario? I've read the rules for this multiple times and don't get it. The first rule sateThe second rule states: "The number token must come from a land hex adjacent of a Settlement or City of the active player". I just played a game where the player that discovered a new hex took my number token from a hex that I was the only one on. He did have at least 1 hex on the main island at the time. The only thing that would make sense is if it pulls from a different hex if the active player only has 1 token on the main island. If that is the case, how does the game determine which one to pull it from? I had an 8 token that was removed and I have no idea why. Thanks for any help.

  • Well, the rules are a little confusing, and the game doesn't always follow the rules exactly.

    First, the active player has to take a number token from one of their own resource hexes. So if I have a settlement on the intersection of 4, 5 & 6 - I will have to pick one of them to remove the number from. The exception is if my settlement is only adjacent to one number (point of a hex, or other numbers have already been removed), then I can take from an unoccupied hex. If there's no unoccupied hex, I get to take from an opponent hex as long as they will still have one (or more) number(s) left adjacent.

    At least that's how it is supposed to work. As I mentioned, the game doesn't always follow that. Occasionally it will let a player take a number from an opponent even though there is an unoccupied hex available.

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