Macbook Pro 2015 and Macbook Air 2020

  • Hello,

    My girlfriend and I started playing Catan online and the game makes our computer fans and batteries drain super fast.

    The question is : is there a solution to this?

    We can play on an iPhone XS and iPad Air 3rd gen without heating and excess battery drainage.

    Any help?



  • I don't think it is something limited to Mac. Same thing happens frequently with my wife's laptop running Linux. It also happens occasionally with my laptop running Windows 10.

    There must be something about the program that uses a lot of processing power or something.

  • Alright, makes sens! One more excuse to buy an iPad ! :D

  • Except there are currently screen display issues specific to Apple devices. Supposedly they will be fixing them in the next release, but that won't be until mid-November (or later).

  • I have a very powerful gaming laptop and the same thing happens to me. It's bad code. Imagine for example bad code that tells the computer to do something infinitely. The game is just badly written.

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