don't show more pieces in everyone's pile than what is allowed to be used.

  • i have lost 2 games because i didn't know that there was a limit to how many pieces could be played. my pile showed 2 extra settlements on my screen, but when i asked one opponent, he said i had none to play.

    i don't know if this is a bug, or some intentional UI decision to make it look like a physical game, with all the replacement pieces showing.

    If it is the latter, i would please ask that you never show more than what is allowed to be used, as it is misleading, considering this is a digital game that will never be in a situation where you might need these "extra" pieces.

    can anyone explain why this is even a thing at all? regardless of whether or not i should know the rules, why is the UI serving some non-gameplay purpose, instead of reflecting the information the players need in making decisions?

    come on now.....

  • Usually the pieces shown on the table are removed as you use them. I don't usually pay much attention to them unless I know I am running short and want to see how many I have left. I have not noticed any discrepancy in what is left on the table and what I have available to play - but there are a lot of graphic refresh issues since the release of version 2.

    For most scenarios you will have 5 settlements, 4 cities, 15 roads and (for Seafarers scenarios) 15 ships. There are only a couple scenarios (Grand Catan & Oases) that use different numbers of pieces. For Cities and Knights, you have 2 of each strength knight (basic, strong, and mighty).

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