First PROGRESS CARD not received

  • Hello,

    Now, there's this bug I'm facing:

    What happens is that when I'm ought to receive my first progress card, I can see the animation of the card coming from the center of the board towards me, and then I can see how the top card counter next to avatar is changing to one, and then in a fraction of a second it drops back to 0, and I can't even have the chance to see which progress card it was and I don't have it in my hand (ie: last game of 3 players, when the barbarians attacked, all of us had 1 knight activated, thus all 3 of us received a progress card, but mine disappeared in less than a second).

    What I noticed until now, is that it happens mostly with the forest (green) progress cards. I will pay attention next times, as this expansion is new to me, and a lot is going on which takes my focus away from things that I should receive automatically.

    I am playing from my Galaxy Tab S5E and Catan version installed is 2.0.1-61de32ffb .

  • It is probably a victory point card. Those are plated immediately in C&K, so it is difficult to tell you got one. The only way to tell us to check your score after a roll to see if your points increased.

  • @LemuelB2 hmmm indeed, I haven't thought of that, as this expansion is new as mentioned, so I didn't think that the progress cards have VP, but why are they played instantly? Shouldn't the purpose be to have it hidden from opponents? Cheers :)

  • In regular Catan you hold on to the VP until you have enough points to win on your turn, but in Cities and Knights the VP cards are played immediately. Probably because if you held them in your hand another player could steal them with the Spy progress card.

  • Played some more games and indeed some are points, but still noticed that for some I don't receive the point... and the card disappears.

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