Reporting a player (cyberbullying and insults)

  • I was playing and at the end of the game one player send a message insulting me. It was a complete cyberbullying posting hate speech and bad words. I couldn't take a print screen and report immediately because he left after this message, so I went to the "friends" area, and I add him and blocked immediately and I wrote a report. how do I know if Catan made something about this?

  • You probably won't know unless they contact you for further information. The "report" function is supposed to send a complete game and chat log though, so they will at least see what was sent.

  • Hey sorry this happened to you- I am wondering how you report a player on a macbook? I tried control and then clicking the avatar but it doesn't seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Please and thank you

  • I am not sure about MacBook, but in the Steam app during the game you can click on a player's avatar and one of the options is to "report player" - which is a caution symbol (triangle shape with a ! inside). There is a comment window that opens for you to add additional information.

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