Great Canal: Can't build settlement on Gold island

  • Two friends and I are completely unable to figure out how to build on the small islands where the gold is located (along with 2-3 very valuable specific resource ports). Can anyone enlighten us? We've played about 6 games (maybe more) but we always get so frustrated! Thanks

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    @CaptainBunnyWabbit In this scenario, you can´t build on the "Gold Island" you can use a Knight to dig gold there. Best take a look at the in-game Almanac where all the special rules are explained for that scenario. Search for 2Great Canal" and you´ll get a detailed description.

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  • @Administrator Thank you! We're not usually stupid people, but this time... Weird thing is, I've played two games with knight adjacent to the gold hex from about half-way thru game, and I've never noticed prompt to choose resource. Maybe I wasn't looking, mistook it for aqueduct.

  • I've had a similar issue; I build a knight on the gold hex, but I am not prompted to choose a resource when an 8 is rolled. I've tried activating the knight (even though the almanac says you don't need to).

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