Won a game but counted as a loss

  • Here is the story:
    I was in a four person Seafarers online multiplayer game. I had 13 VP and was two turns away from building my last settlement to win the game. I had 15 resource cards, so it was clear to the competition that I was on the brink of victory. The person who's turn it currently was (he was yet to roll the dice) quit the game, and the AI who replaced him froze. The AI did not roll, it did not do anything, it just sat there. A third player also quit around that time, so it was just me and the fourth player. He starts spamming the "shrug" emote along with me but then he also disconnects. A reconnect timer begins to count down for him. When that timer hit zero the "win" screen pops up, but I wanted to finish the game out so I minimized it and continued play. The AI rolls, and the turn finally makes it to me. I build the winning settlement and win "again". However, this time the win screen shows one of the disconnected competitors as the winner. The game was not closely contested, I was the clear winner with 14 VP and the competitor who was in second place had 9 VP. The competitor who the game shows as the winner has 8 VP. My ELO dropped by 10.3, his went up my 12.93. I don't even know how to explain this bug/error/glitch? I have a screenshot to prove the situation if required.

  • I saw a post from three months ago with the answer. My ELO is fine and correct, it must have been the visual error as described.

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