Problem playing on my iPad. Not comerce with AI allowed

  • Hello,

    I've downloaded the Catan Universe and I'd been trying to play with my husband (he is on a PC). While he can comerce with the AI without without any problems, when I click on the "Accept" button to a proposal by the AI, it never ended on a deal. I am not proposing the deal, I'm just accepting it and it is like the "Accept" button works as an "Decline" button. It's impossible to play like that. It looks like there is a problem in the iOS version.

    Another thing we have noticed is that the AI is more than a horrible player in an acceptable way. Is not acceptable that when the "7" appears on the dices, he plays the Robber on himself, putting the black robber on one of his areas.

    Because of this problems it is not possible to play a normal game.

    If there is something I can make to correct that please let me now.

    Kind regards,


  • This is not unusual. What is unusual is that the AI is accepting trades from your husband.

    Usually only about one in twenty (or more) trades that the AI offers (and you click yes to) will actually be accepted by the AI.

    For trades you offer, the AI will only accept about one in thirty (or more).

    The AI will, however, frequently trade with another AI. Sometimes without even offering to trade with a real player.

    This is something the developers really need to work on.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Another thing I forgot to mention is that I got a Knight card and I couldn't use it in the next rounds. Is supposed to be somewhere on my belongings, but on the iPad version I can no use it. I have seen on my husband's PC version that you can select it at the beggining of your turn, but not on my iPad version. It's frustrating having this good looking app and not being able to play it.

  • They have some known display issues, especially on Apple devices. There is an issue where some of the screen is not visible on Apple devices. That may be part of the problem with the Knight.

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