Commercial Harbor Change

  • @Developers @administrators :

    Today it happened for the second time that I lost a game I would have won if the Commercial Harbor progress card of Cities and Knights would still be working the way it always has, and I think is supposed to.
    Since the update to your fancy "2.0" version the "you MAY offer each player a resource card" has changed to "you HAVE TO offer...", so even if I got what I wanted and need the rest of my resources for other purposes I can not stop offering them to the other players, as long as I havent offered them one and they still have commodities. This is very annoying to I think not just myself.. please fix it.
    Also on android I can no longer properly see how many progress cards of which color each player has, for the most part only half of the frame is visible on my screen.
    And while I am at it: also on android it seems not to be possible to report players anymore, after clicking the send button nothing happens.

  • agreed. happened to me a couple times too. very annoying

  • So what effect does flagging @Developers and @administrators even have? 2 months have passed and an "update" has been released but the bugs mentioned in above post are still all there. In the case of the harbor this error effects gameplay and I believe it must be easy to remove it. I have been playing this game for two years now and have posted complaints in this forum exactly twice. Also I think I make a fair point. How do you justify to just completely ignore me and my feedback? Does a satisfied community of players have any value to you at all?

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