Bug with players

  • Hello, I would like to report a problem-bug. The game begins and in the time that first player have to deploy his city he is turn lasts forever and he is not become an AI. I have experienced this problem this last week in many games and not only in the opening of the game but also in the mid game. Have anyone else the same bug? In chat I have discuss it with other players that experience it too. Do you know where we can report it?

  • It is a very common bug at the moment. You can report bugs here ir on the Discord server, but it's best if you tag the @administrators here, use the #feedback channel on Discord server, email support@catanuniverse.com or DM the moderator on the Discord server.

  • For this reason, I only have a one star rating. What can I do about it? (I have never left a game that es still running. Just had so many bugs that resulted in having to quit games that completely stopped...)

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