Team Play

  • It's rare I'll admit, but I'm curious to see if anyone else experiences a lot of team play? Whether it be players with very similar names, whom assist each other or almost parrot each other. For example a game today, I played with a "UrJewishNeighbor" and "SuperDrewJew" or something simaliar and they both left play at same time. I Also played a "Janken####" and a "Kenjan####". I usually play random based on karma, what would they pick to allow both of them and myself or myself and another randomly added into "their" match?

  • Well, they could filter out games they don't want to play (greater catan, etc.) Then it will be more likely that they will be in the same game. Not guaranteed, but fewer options give better odds of ending up with your partner in a game.

  • Rare?!? It happens all the time. Especially if you play after midnight (Central European Time).
    Then there are not so many players left. There are regularly two avatars that look exactly the same, have similar names etc. etc.. From one of them you get the robber, although the other player has more points and also much more city expansions. Sometimes these guys are so brazen that they swap cards back and forth in front of your eyes to get the other player to second place. It would be very easy to prevent that: If two avatars have played together in a game, they are locked for a week and can't participate in the same game.

  • Not sure if this post belongs here, but i had a game with me & 2 other players. One of them got mad cuz she got robbed, they both had 6 points & hers spot was the only one without a knight defending it, for me it makes sense to place robber there. Then she started offering crazy trades, like one card for 2 roads, or 1 card for 3 sience crads, she did trades like that 3 or 4 times & the other player accepted them all & easely won. I dont mind losing but like this it .... So i wonder is there something where u can report them (got the names) outside the game what i did of course. Such ppl ruin this great game. Thx in advance & greets (whover reads this ;))

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