Please help, my game stopped working

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    My game doesn’t work , I try to start a new game and it goes to handshaking then one of the opponents can’t start, this has been happening for two days straight. Very frustrating since I paid for this app and it’s expansions

  • Same thing is happening to me:
    1- the game finds 3 opponents
    2- handshakes goes well
    3- starts loading screen
    4- the status bar gets full for me and another player
    5- 3th player never get a full loading bar
    6- returns to menu with Game cancel modal opened

    It would be very nice to have this fixed please, the game is expensive for me and it keeps having bugs but his one is too critical, we can not even play.

  • Same, although i got a good running game like an hour ago, now it just keep getting stuck on the loading screen. Also i think it might help if you restart your game if you dont find a game for a while, cause if you then log back in, it gives you a message saying your kicked out of the last game, probably you being the one that causes the game to not load, so restart your game every once in a while

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