what is " open the gamebox"

  • in several occasions ive noticed that losing players getting the game stuck somehow
    in the game log is described as "Opens the Gamebox" then " unpacks the hexes, game pieces , cards and dice" then "set up the board" .
    hen the game get stuck . is that a HACK ? if yes when its going to be fixed??
    losing ELO and mainly alot of wasted time often more and more ...
    starting to lose hope on Catan Universe

  • So hard to keep getting stuck, or kicked out of games. Losing elo and wasting time- I love this game but find myself playing different on line games because I don’t have any of the connection issues I have with this game- please help- please fix this

  • @sarrabg2 You need to use the /reload command and wait for them to go AI. If your entire group communicates in chat, you can bypass a freeze with /reload. I really believe some people are purposely using the server issues to boost their score by stalling, these players eventually move like they're in a constant lag when no one else is.

  • @SkarosCowboy that's the problem , those playes dont go AI it just turn Grey and get stuck , no matter how many times you'll reload or refresh the game

  • @sarrabg2 it takes a while, then the kicktimer starts, but the kicktimer never hits 0 for some reason, if you wait log enough, it goes AI. That is why I believe someone is manipulating it.

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