Server Issues Sep. 2020

  • Hi Catanians,

    it seems like the service of our cloud-based server provider is still impaired due to issues on their end. We once more insisted on a swift resolution of those issues. One fix has already been applied but we can still see the overall performance of the system is not as stable as before.

    We have been informed that the issues started to occur as one of their databases faced issues on the 28th. Since then the service seems to be unreliable and not as responsive as before.

    It is our main focus to restore stable execution times for your inputs on the servers once more. We will stay in close contact with our server provider to ensure they are prioritizing restoring our service.

    We are very sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for your patience so far. As soon as we learned more we will let you know.

  • Dear Catanians,
    thanks a lot for your patience during the last two days. We’ve just received feedback from our Server Provider who now has applied another fix to our backend. Preliminary observations of the affected metrics mentioned yesterday seem to indicate that there was indeed a noticeable performance increase.
    We are closely monitoring the situation so please don’t hesitate to leave us further feedback. Please make sure to logout and log back in again after you’ve read this message.
    Thanks again for your patience and we’ll see you on the island.

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