Issues to complete a game

  • Hi All,

     Since a couple of days I cannot complete a game with the human players, what is wrong with the servers??

  • I have the same problem. Online play is effectively completely broken. I can't find a game 99% of the time in base, sefarers, C&K, or special scenario, let alone complete one. The very rare times I do find a match, the game typically glitches out and loses connection very quickly. Please do some maintenance or whatever is needed to fix this!!!

  • I have the same problem all week. I can't play any games without them breaking. Please fix! We paid for this game!

  • Yeah, I wish the administrator would just make the server consistent or not take on any new users if they reach capacity.

  • Same here. @administrators , can this be fixed please?

  • Paid for a game to be full of bugs, You guys should be embarrassed to put out a game with so many issues in this day in age

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