CAK is unplayable. Fix it asap

  • People wake up and fix this error. Its so frustrating all day long cannot play 1 game without being stacked or frozen. Even i reloaded many times same thing over and over!

  • Same here please fix it!

  • Same here! I keep having to leave the game because either I can't trade, I can't end my turn, or someone else can't trade or end their turn. If it helps, when I can't trade, there is usually that yellow thing circling around the border for the "end turn" button. When I can't end my turn, the button is greyed out.

    I swear, I love Catan, but this is one of the glitchiest games I have ever played.

  • Hi there!
    I don't really know what is your issue, but in my case I get thrown out of the game for mo reason at all ('no internet connection,' while my internet is working just fine). Please make sure this bug is fixed for once and for all. Very frustrating indeed.
    All the best,
    Menno Grootveld

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