Server lag issue

  • is anyone else having a problem with server lag? Every game I've played the last two days has been that way

  • Yes, same here.

  • @osamas This is not fair. get this fixed. takes ages to play one game. thought it wa splayers dragging the game out but no. every single game each turn takes forever

  • Same here. Its very slow.

  • This is outrageous. Why do we pay for this sub standard service?

  • Same here I expend 3 scrolls to play and I don't even complete 1 full game! 3 days facing this issues, I hope that my scrolls will be refunded, I was about to buy the game but to suffer waiting for a final solution for the servers, is better wait.. idk how much time until this problems are solved....

  • Yeah, not even mentioning all the ppl i blocked cuz i tought they where AFK all the time :( & the games i left for the same reason..

  • Is there a way to tag developers to let them know?

  • Wtf still no word from admin.... that sucks. Or is it fixed yet?

  • @osamas yes, you can write your complains to @Developers here, or add them in the address

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