Steam | Hanging Games / Missing Images

  • Just started experiencing this issue today, most games will hang before they start. My screen will show the next player timing out, once they time out, nothing happens. If I close the game and reenter, I will have timed out and been removed from the game or will be put into a game without being able to see the tiles or the numbers, just a gray board with game pieces and white circles. I've restarted my PC and tried and few other recommendations a tech would have an end user run through. I think I'll try playing a game with the browser and see if I have better luck.

  • The only solve I know is typing "/reload" without quotations into the chatbox. Although it hasn't been working for me the past week or so. I can't even get a game going, let alone stable one. All the sudden doesn't find any players for seafarers or C&K. If it does, it stalls out in some way shape or form. I think the servers have gone to hell. They need to do some serious maintenance.

  • @AtomicFire7 I played with a couple other individuals and those of us who used the chat completed a successful game with a plentiful use of /reload. If someone in the group doesn't use the chat box, it gums up the works.

  • same for the browser version of the game

  • @Geladaris_ Have you tried AtomicFire7's suggestion of trying to type /reload in the chat window?

  • @SkarosCowboy thanks for posting this. I was beginning to get frustrated that I could only complete a game by typing /reload literally every 5 seconds. Now I know why :)

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