"2 out of 4 players"

  • Maybe it's time to actually fire the people that programmed the online game - it's a pure piece of shit.
    Let's just forget about the in-game problems for a while (like game not moving anywhere even though players timers are done or not being able to look at another browser tab when the game freezes without getting thrown out) and just consider the fact that I am not able to join a game now. Either gets stuck at waiting for more players or stuck at 2 out of 4 players found.

    Seriously. There seems to be quite some people paying for this game and you're not even able to make it work - it's not even close to being a complex game! How is it possible?! Is it high school kids making it for you in class or something? Please, rebuild the whole shit and do it proper. If you don't have the people that can do that, then fire what you have and get some that can deliver what you charge for.

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