This new catan site is horrible.....bring PlayCatan Back!

  • This site is terrible. I played here for couple days and there were always problems....not problems about tech. I understand that every website has an early stage that needs time to improve. I am talking about the experience design! Can't you guys hire a good UI designer?? User experiece=negtive

    I love playcatan. Does anyone know how to bring the back? I am willing to donate 20-50 dollars to reopen the site if money is an issue!

    The previous version is 100 times better! It is a shame to produce something like this when CS and ui design for front end is so common in 2016!

    Also, as a designer, I have to say the graphic design is horrible. I was playing a game today that you could hardly tell whether youve built a road or not. Because the road is yellow, which is the same color as the background!!!!it is stupid!

  • Can't agree any more. It's a piece of shit indeed!

  • I'm so sad right now. All I want to do is play catan, but I can't.

    thanks a lot Catan Universe, you ruined a good thing.

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