Games being cancelled

  • There are many many instances now where I will play a game nearly to completion and seemingly the game glitches, everyone leaves and rather than me getting the victory I get a game was cancelled.

    I just played a game on Treasure islands where I was leading 15-6-6 and the game cancels. This is exceptionally frustrating.

    Additionally many games start I place my settlements and then the game never advances and later says that the game has ended and I was kicked!

    What is going on with the network of this game. This happens on iPad pro, Ios iphone and on the browser in Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. This happens on 5G service, 4G service, many different networks.

    It's incredibly frustrating! Is the intent in creating your ToS in the manner it was written simply so that you do not need to supply a functioning product? I'm terribly disgruntled and dismayed with the performance.

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