Road/ship glitch . . . can't move or remove open roads or ships

  • Is this a known issue? During the game, I want to move a ship, and I can't click on an open ship (see screenshot). Also, when I play Diplomat, it doesn't let me choose an open road.

  • Happens sometimes, sometimes they even turn invisible. You can close the game (alt+f4) and restart again, and you will still be loaded into the game and will fix it

  • @joopie2 I can close the game and restart without leaving/quitting the game? I have a macbook, I don't have "alt" or "f4". Any suggestions?

  • Type "/reload" without quotations into the chatbox. Reloads the game without having to exit. I had great success with that over the past couple months, but the past week or so has been hell. I haven't even been able to find a stable game and that isn't working for me anymore. Hope it works for you like it did for me when I first learned about it.

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