I love this game and the user interface

  • But really, we need to do something about the kicktimer. It isnt working properly and when I quit a game it is ruining my elo and karma. I am not a developper so I really dont know anything about how difficult it would be. But if it is fixed i wouldnt have any feedback left.

  • @Pannemaniac @Developers
    I can assure you:
    We, the frequent players, have been complaining about the faulty kicktimer :alarm_clock: :boom: ever since it was introduced, and that was several years ago.
    So it must be veeeery difficult to fix this. :wrench: :construction_worker:
    Our demand to let players re-enter with the consent of the other players has not been fullfilled either. So it must be impossibel. :question:
    On PlayCatan we already had this option, but Catan Universe has not been able to produce this important feature. :pouting_cat:

  • I wouldn't mind if they didn't address these issues IF they would get some actual network and server stability! This is atrocious!!!

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