Constant Stuck Games? Please Fix

  • I haven't played this game for a year or two, and it freezes even more than it used to! I like the new interface but I care a lot more about being able to actually play out a game than i do about the way it looks. I tried to play a game last night, and it took me 5 tries before i managed to play one through to a player achieving victory.

    This seems like something that should be fixable. There should, at the least, be an ability for the game to recognize a freeze and declare a draw. I don't want to be the first to leave and take a loss and an elo decrease, but neither do i want to set my computer to the side for hours and wait for everyone else to leave first.

    I really love playing this game. I hate that this is a continuing problem. I'm not going to continue playing if this problem isn't fixed, and i'm certainly not going to be spending any money on new expansions if i can't even play one game of Cities and Knights. I highly doubt any new players are going to stick around if this problem continues to persist. Please, invest in fixing this issue.

  • The night i posted this, i tried to play 2 more games and both of them were interrupted by a freeze.

    Yesterday I tried to play a game, took a decisive lead in the midgame, and then had the game freeze as i was closing in on a win.

    Today (just now) i tried to play one more game and it froze before the second wave of Barbarians.

    @Administrator @administrators @Developers @Moderators

    Can you please either
    A ) invest the same amount of time you spent in upgrading the game into simply making it crash and freeze less or
    B ) actually explain what the problem is instead of just promising to "look into it" like you did 3 years ago?

    It feels like you don't care at all about user experience when you produce a game with such a glaring flaw and respond dismissively (or don't respond) when your consumers bring up their issues. I don't understand how you expect to attract and keep players around long enough to buy new content if your game isn't playable, and i don't know how you expect to make money from this product if people aren't buying the content.

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