Please add a timer!

  • Too many times the game is about over and the person in last place, who played terribly, and never stood a chance at winning decides to not end their turn. So the other people who enjoy the game and had a good battle end up waiting for the poor sport with no skill to pass the dice so the final turn can be played and the game can end without any users having to quit and have bad game karma or whatever.... This is a needed addition into the game and should be added sooner than later, it really screws up the game play for everyone else. Thank you in advance for finding a solution!

  • I agree. Just had same instance in my game (though it's nice to now get regular games started with other people) but removing them after 3 minutes of non activity would be helpful.

  • tottaly agree! # minutes it's the best limit. please on the next update do it!!!

  • I can imagine if you tell me I'm playing terribly and have no skill when I have a bad game I'd want to AFK at the end so you can't win too.

    Maybe change your attitude just a bit. I agree that AFKing needs to be punished but you act like everyone you beat in the game is bad/unskilled when the luck of the dice play a major factor also.

  • I agree, timer is necessary. I suggested it a few years back for play catan, and they actually implemented a timer. It was a completely useless implementation though :-). It really shouldnt be hard. Time bank at a number of minutes say 5 from start of game, each round you complete you 15 secs or somethink like that to bank. If you have spent your time in time bank, a bot will make your next move. And if bot is activated option should be activated to kick player. Make it optional. Souldnt really be all that hard to program.

  • @Morpheus - this is a terrible idea. I would never want a bot to make a move for me. It would be better if the player is kicked out and some other real person replaces him. Or in extreme cases let the remaining players vote whether to allow AI to take over or not.

  • A timer is completely necessary. I've wasting 30-45 minutes of game play about 4 times now because people don't make their moves. A minute and a half of inactivity should result in your end of your turn. I don't agree with a bot making moves because it might use cards that you'd want to save. 1 minute and a half should be ample amount of time for someone to make a move. It should give a warning with like 30 seconds left to make a move or your turn will end.

  • administrators

    @Abs715 The turn timer has been implemented in the last update. Let us know what you think, e.g. should the time limits be shorter or longer? In regards to bot (AI) decisions: only when input from the inactive player is neccessary for the game to continue, the AI will make a decision for him. Otherwise his term just ends.

  • I have 2 decades experience playing the board game.
    I tried one game here a month ago, and one game yesterday. I was very upset by the turn timer in its current form.
    Most important: There is no timer display on the screen, and I didn't read these forums, so didn't know timer existed and computer would play for me. Computer placed both my initial settlements and roads, and once during game I was trying to figure out some trades, and my turn simply passed (surprise!) and then a seven was rolled and I lost half my cards. Somehow I won the game in the end anyway :)

    So It is important to have timer on screen, and also a longer timer, or maybe a button beside timer that you can use maximum 8 times per game which gives you an extra minute to make your turn, and sends a little "sorry, need an extra minute" message on screen to your opponents, like you would say in real life.

  • administrators

    @dacaldar Thanks for your feedback. We'll see what other players have to say about the timer and then make optimizations accordingly.

  • please add a timer on Screen - for the last 20 sec

  • If there is going to be a timer, it should definitely be visible. I am getting really sick of the game auto placing my first settlement for me. It is only natural to take a while on your first turn because this is the most important turn of the game.

  • I agree for the timer ánd the sorry-message. Now it happens that you think the game froze because the other player thinks long in order to win this game. And a visible timer should be best, indeed!

  • @dacaldar "I need an extra minute"-button
    I think adding such a button is a good idea. It shows respect to the players who have to wait, and gives an option if you have to make many moves at once. I think it is ok to restrict the number of times it may be used, although probably not necessary. If you let the others know you have not fallen asleep or gone on a shopping spee, they are usually accepting. Different players have different speeds, but what most people hate is to be kept waiting without explanation or apology, and without knowing if the next move will be made in 5 secs or 5 hours.

  • I agree 100% Some people don't have time to play 1 hour+ games when it could take much less. Maybe have 1 hour games, 45 minute games, and 30 minutes games, and unlimited minute games OR have 1 minute turns, 2 minute turns, or 5 minute turns, or unlimited time on turns if they want. I want to play people that are looking for quick games.

    I agree this should be visible.

    PLEASE add this element.

  • Wait there is a timer? It's not working then. And players can pretend to be afk and still play around with the interface so they never get skipped....

    I agree with Ashpenaz ^ . – Can there be a 90 - 200 sec time limit for all actions period? The game drags as is anyway.

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