Love Catan... but... less buggy apps?

  • I've been evaluating the free version of Catan universe... close to buying gold to then buy the base game and seafarers add on, BUT... this thing is buggy as hell and gets stuck on some AI character about half the time I play. the setup of the game is super awkward (one game every 12 hours I guess... although I'm truly not sure what's supposed to happen as the game has minimal and strange onboarding, and is so buggy and weird with no way to understand how it's SUPPOSED to work that I'm aware of) and the gold purchase at weird price points to clearly make you buy more than you need make me really want to go find a more reputable app developer...

    SO, what are similar games on the App Store for iPad? are there any non-catan-branded games that have the same gameplay but aren't as buggy or in-game purchase needy? I love Catan, but this thing seems like a disaster and I really am not sure about justifying the $15 purchase

  • The only thing I know of that is similar is - but that is only browser play at the moment and costs four times as much if you want to purchase the base game. Plus the graphics are very, very simple. Because of the high price I haven't tried it yet.

    As buggy as the current version of Catan Universe is, I think it is still a much better value than some knock-off version. The developers are taking an extraordinarily long time to get things fixed, but I do have hope we will see som improvement soon. If all else fails, they could always roll back to the version just prior to 2.0.0 - that was at least pretty stable.

  • Actually, you don't have to pay for the base game there. Base game is completely free with all the features - 4 player games and random maps.

    The question is why CU decided to not allow 4 player random maps for free. And they still advertise that the game is "free to play" on Steam...

  • You can play for free with free matches, though only three players.

    When I checked the colonist website a month ago they wanted US $20 for each expansion vs US $5 in CU (or less if you get gold bundles and buy several expansions). That's pretty expensive for a knock-off with really simple graphics and limited to browser play.

    I know they are going to release an app soon, but if they want more players they will need to bring the cost down and/or improve the graphics.

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