How to start a single player game?

  • Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but how do I just play a normal game? I purchased the game for 500 Catan gold, and when I click on Single Player, it gives me the option of a tutorial (which I already did) or a scenario, which is the same three scenarios I already did: The First Island, Ore For Wool, and The Harbormaster. I just want to play a game against some AI with a random board. Again, am I missing something?

  • @bygwyllay sorry I should note that this is in iOS

  • @bygwyllay Those are the only three scenario options available for the base game. If you want to play Seafarers, Cities & Knights, or combinations of those you will have to use a sun to activate the single player mode for the expansion you want to play, or buy the expansion. I hardly ever play the base game.

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