Decline All Trades Option

  • It would be nice to have an option to decline all trades from a certain player. The amount of times the AI offer an absurd amount of trades a turn (10+) and I don't want to trade with them or anyone...well it gets pretty tedious to wait on an AI to offer me all these trades and I have to individually decline them all - literally as I'm writing this I have no cards yet literally sat through 8 trade offers from one AI and had to decline them individually. It slows the game waaay down and makes it really unenjoyable to play with the AI.


  • I thought there was an option to block individual players... But I may be thinking of the suggested or planned improvements. I will have to check.

  • @LemuelB2 - HI there.
    yes, you can block individual players, meaning you will not be matched with them again.
    I do not know of an option to block trades with a single player. But you can block ALL trade offers. There is a smaller box on the bottom right, you click it to stop trading. Hover over the boxes and ylu will find it.
    Does that help?

  • @Fortuna yeah didn't notice that before. Hopefully that'll solve my problem, thanks!

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