Game freeze because of an opponent

  • Good evening,

    I just got stuck for more than an hour and a half in a multiplayer game, because the first player to start didn't react, with his logo showing connectivity issues, but he didn't exit or was expelled. I left the game opened to see what was going to happen, without any option to report or ask for help and after 1h30 I just had to exit, with the information that I was going to lose karma and ELO.
    I want to ask for the reversion of this penalty and a solution when this kind of problem happens.

    Thanks for the attention.

  • Same thing just happened to me. But I know the game wasn't frozen because me and the other player were communicating. I suspect that the auto-kick function does not work for the initial two setup turns. And I further suspect that some players are taking advantage of this to get free wins by just waiting out opponents. I held out for 30 minutes this time.

  • @Mgiampa No, I have seen players kicked, :boom: and have been kicked myself, right at the start already.
    But if you can still communicate with the the other players, you can determine who is stuck and that person can restart the game. I don´t know how to do this on your mobile, but on your computer you can

    • press the alt key :white_medium_square: and f4 key :white_medium_square: simultaniously to shut down the app.
    • Your screen will turn white first and the close the game.
    • Swiftly restart Catan
    • after opening, Catan will ask you if you want to resume your game

    This works for me about 50 % of the time.
    That´s not ideal, but better than nothing

  • If you can determine who is stuck they can also try typing "/reload" into the chat window. This works well in the Steam app, but is less successful in the browser and Android app.

    My wife uses the browser on a Linux pc and she gets stuck frequently, but nothing seems to work there. Closing and trying to restart just replaces her with a bot.

    I have gotten stuck on the Steam several times, but the "/reload" command usually works for me. And I have also used the force close and restart successfully.

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