Card Stack

  • Card stack helps with ridiculous distribution but it is not really a "card stack" either! A card stack would imply a preset sequence of dice that would be a standard (based upon odds) distribution over time. However, if you get a big lead against AI players, every single game (in which you get a big lead) it rolls only dice the AI players have and 7s (for the AI players... unless you have 8 resources on your turn, then it may give you a 7) for several rounds. I just took a 8 to 3 and 4 lead playing against two AI players and rolls were 4,7,4,4,7! What are the odds of that? Especially since 4 is the best dice the AI players have that I do not have? It is fixed. Card stack is a lie. I actually lost the last game against AI because I needed 5s. If it would have been close to even on 5s and 9s, I would have won but there were 8 9s and 3 5s at the end of the game. Normal distribution over time??? No. Well, unless by over time means two or three games, not just one but what good is that.

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