Lose ELO when other players leave prematurely

  • I have had this issue for at least 5 games week, where, players leave the game early (automatic win for myself), and I am penalized by loosing ELO.

    I do not understand this, because in each instance, I am winning, and players instead of playing out the game, quit early. Somehow I loose ELO. Is this a bug or something, I've already lost a lot of ELO because of this error.

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    This is still happening, as it has happened to me several times in the last week. The other players quit the game and although it says I've come in first, my ELO goes down as if I came in last. The other players are actually gaining ELO for quitting. Just to make sure, I kept track of my ELO before each game to see if I am indeed losing ELO and I am.

  • Just adding this here as well for visibility:

    This is a display bug that will be fixed in the next update. In this case (you are the last human player in a MP game), the Elo score is shown in the wrong order - however, the scoring is correct in the backend and your Elo score will increase. You can verify this in your character profile after the game. Only the score display in the end screen is showing the wrong scores.

  • Ok, thank you @administrators

  • @Administrator this still happens. And it does not correct in the back end as you suggest.

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    If you can remember when this happened to you, please let us know with as many details as possible (fellow players etc.) and we'll check that game's log files.

  • @Administrator i am not keeping track and taking screenshots, i want to play, not work.. i have reported the bug and other players complained about this as well. Is it now fixed?