Userfeedback and upcomming optimizations

  • Dear Catanians,

    Before the weekend we’d like to give a short update on the status quo based on yesterday’s meeting with our development team:
    In the short run we’ll be focusing on improving the general user experience. This applies to technical issues like the server infrastructure as well as many gameplay issues and improvements. For these we’ll be concentrating on many suggestions from the user-base. As already mentioned, speeding up the flow of the game through various changes and improvements is among the most important topics we are currently working on. Furthermore we’ve compiled a list of the most-requested UI-optimizations from the forums that we are going to address first. This is not something that can be done overnight, but we can assure you that these changes are our top priority at the moment!

    Therefore we’ll be rescheduling some additional content like the Rivals for Catan card game and the clients for further platforms. While our developers and we work on the improvements for PC/Mac platforms, we’ll re-evaluate the current planning and schedule based on yesterday’s discussion.

    Making Catan Universe enjoyable for all users – beginning and veteran Catanians - while focusing on the core play experience of the board game first, is our absolute priority.

    We’d like to thank all players for their patience during the start of this Early Access and especially thank all users who contributed valuable and extensive feedback on the current state of the game in the last weeks.

    See you on Catan!

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