Total ripoff!!!

  • The developers of this game need to go back to school. Judging by the number of users the company can afford to spend some money to resolve the million of bugs it has. Hating this!!!! This game used to be my way of relaxing and now it just annoys the hell out of me.

  • Totally agree. It is incredibly bad, waste of time. Designed by engineers who give importance to how it looks rather than how it functions and performs. It is like a student project.

  • Someone needs to contact Klaus Teber for all these complaints over the last 5 years. This is hopeless. They should relaunch the old Playcatan website which was stable, relaxing and fun to play.

  • I feel paranoid but some of this feels deliberate. “Let’s make it pretty obvious the dice aren’t random and favor AI, then give them a statistics screen so they can see the evidence but still can’t do anything about it ...”

    Programming actually random dice is the easiest thing in the world. I’d wager it’s easier than programming them to change based on who’s winning. As a matter of fact I think that’s what happened, they were trying to make it difficult but just failed and made it irritating.

  • administrators

  • Ya I sometimes wonder if Catan just hired a bunch of ex League of Legends employees to design the game. Aside from the many bugs, I have strong reason believe there are external factors going on than just the dice roll and game-play. Bottom-dweller tactics to get ppl to play more by influencing the game, instead of letting the game play out..also.. I'm Plat with 5 star Karma..what's with the constant Bronze games where ppl constantly leave after putting their starting positions in the two worst spots, which yes, does affect the game as soon as the AI takes over.

  • Poorly designed game. If someone did not know the actual board game and tried this first they would not want anything to do with this game. Is there another site that actually gives you fair dice rolls and does not suck as bad as this game?

  • @Paul-Alexander some people like but the graphics are very basic and they only have the base game type scenarios. No Seafarers, no Cities and Knights, etc. They also have their own bunch of bugs. They do have 5-6 player, but I think that costs extra - and you have to use some payment service I never heard of before.

  • The dice algorithm is definitely rigged

  • Dice are random.

    If you are in a victim mindset it will make you feel victimized.

    Already always looking for where it could go wrong, you never remember the good luck. Likely it is the same in your life. Which is why you’re complaining about it on a forum.

    Nope, random is random and you create meaning out of it the same way you create meaning out of the circumstances of your life.

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