This Gambling sucks!

  • I just left a game of C&K because it is just not fun anymore:

    2=0 7=6
    3=0 8=1
    4=0 9=2
    5=2 10=2
    6=5 11=6

    in 25 throws the 11 should have fallen exactly 1.39 times according to stochastics. But it fell 6 times. This represents a deviation of 431 % from the normal distribution. This is not an isolated case. This happens in 2 of 3 games. And most strongly at the beginning of the game. It is then always so, that the dice seems to have a kind of favorite number. Of course, in many cases these are the common numbers like 6 and 8, but there it is just as annoying. If the 8 is falling all the time and the 6 hardly or never, this does not correspond to a dice in reality. But sometimes this crap algorithm spits out the totally improbable numbers non-stop. This makes a game of strategy with a lucky factor a predominant game of chance. But that is not what I am here for. If I wanted to, I would play BlackJack. This amateurishly crafted dice algorithm DESTRUCTS the game. Please, please, please end this completely untenable situation! My tip: Instead of using people from the neighborhood and/or the uncle of the brother's best buddy, just hire a well-trained software engineer. That helps a lot!

  • In such a small number of rolls the statistics are meaningless. The sample size needs to be very large (thousands of rolls) before you can definitively determine any sort of pattern. Even in a hundred rolls you won't usually see a good bell curve - there will usually be a few spikes. Even with real dice I have had games where the results pretty badly skewed.

    That said, there are often improbable results in a game. Usually they aren't too terribly skewed, but it's skewed enough, and happens often enough, that people notice and complain.

    Sometimes the game results are extremely unlikely. I had on game of 78 rolls (before the update to 2.0) in which not a single nine was rolled! But that is the worst disparity I have seen. On the other hand, I have had several games with a very close bell curve - but those aren't very irritating, so they aren't as memorable.

  • There are hundreds of board games. If you don't like the randomness in Catan, play something else. Look at - they have a lot of board games to play. And the servers are much more reliable. And the disconnection issues won't kick you automatically.

  • Agree, the game uses artificaled intellegence, ie. it cheats. The die rolling is not random and the computer players know what roles will occure before hand. Lazy crappy programming.

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