Game cancelled - You've been kicked out of last match

  • Hello,

    I'm writing this message as I've got a recurring message following some multiplayer games when I win.
    The game ends when I reach 10 victory points, no problem, I've got a reminder screen of the players & their points, and the possibility to add them as friends or signalling them.

    When I click on continuing, and when coming back at Catan Universe Welcome screen, I've got a message saying "Game cancelled : You've been kicked out of the last match", cf. screenshot following the link: (message in french).

    I don't know why I've got this message - needless to say I'm cordial in all my games - neither if it is relevant (the game seemed to end normally without me getting kicked). Did I do something wrong? How to prevent it ? Why is my game cancelled ? Does it affect my karma/rankings?

    Thanks for your help! :blush:

    Hot Dog VIP

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