Road Limit NOT in the rules.

  • I just lost a game because of the 15 road limit rule. This rule is NOT in the Catan Universe rules. This needs to be corrected immediately. Hidden rules are not OK.

  • It's not in the rules because it is not really a rule, it's just the number of roads available in the standard game. Like there are only five settlements, and only four cities. In the standard Seafarers there are only 15 ships. If you have the board games, those are how many pieces you get.

    There are a few other scenarios with more pieces, like "Greater Catan" has more cities and I think the Seafarers scenario "Oases" has more roads. It can be frustrating when you run out, but you can always zoom out or scroll the board to check how many pieces you have left.

  • The game setup explains that there are 15 road segments in a regular game of Catan.

  • @LemuelB2 said:

    Like there are only five settlements, and only four cities.

    And in the rules it says that there you are only allowed to have 5 settlements and 4 cities, but it says nothing of the sort about roads.

  • I'm just amazed you actually managed to lose a game!!!

    Having a game not hang is such a rare occurrence now... :confused:

  • @borbes True, but it also doesn't say the maximum number of ships for Seafarers (15), or roads for Inkas (7), etc. The physical games have a content list on the box. For the standard games, Catan Universe uses the same rules and pieces.

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