How is this not fixed yet?!

  • What the actual hell? I paid money for this game, and I LITERALLY CANNOT PLAY IT. How is this acceptable to you? My friends and I routinely used to play Catan online every few weeks and now we just can’t. I get booted every time the first settlement is placed for “connectivity issues”. There is no connectivity issue, mutliple troubleshooter seems and internet speed tests as proof.

    I demand a refund for what I paid for the expansion bundle. Unacceptable. I’ve had better interface experiences with free to play trash mobile games. I love this game, if it was buggy that’s one thing, I can live with that, but this is broken. The equivalent of selling me the physical board game with half the pieces missing.

    Never been so shocked at basic performance in my life.

  • I agree. How did I lose all access to playing everything by getting the latest update?!

    What’s worse is it appears this issue is a couple months old! Unacceptable.

  • @ZKacey -
    This game keeps crashing for no apparent reason. I think Catanuniverse is just milking money out of people. I should have never paid for the Basic Game. Got tired of playing the same basic board so went to pay them, and looks like they have severe server performance issues with the actual Full game. This is beyond pathetic. And I do echo your thoughts. I love this game but it's currently unplayable. Hope the developers fix these crashes soon.

  • Indeed. Constant freezes and sometimes a player will stall and kicktimer does not kick them out. waiting forever and nothing happens. How is this not fixed? how does this not have priority over pretty graphics?

  • All they need to do is roll back the disastrous "version 2" and it would be (mostly) playable again... It's not as though anybody actually wanted "zoom mode" anyway???

  • +1 its ridiculous

  • I found this if anyone was interested:

    I'd rather they just fix the game though.

  • @ottercarr Thank you for posting this. I have submitted my response. I want the bug to be fixed. The reviews of the users are completely ignored by the company.

  • @ottercarr Thank you...I am on it