Alternatives to Catan

  • Hi,

    Looking for some alternatives I have found that you can play Chess in a Facebook Message Window.

    Open a conversation with someone and type @fbchess

    Have fun!

  • Here is another one. Poker.
    Three links for the same product.

    The nice thing about it is, unlike Catan Universe, it works both on PC and Mobile (Android and Apple) in the very same way.
    Sure you control your moves with a mouse on the PC and with touchscreen on mobile but it is just as same good on both platforms.

    I have been playing this game on PC, tablet and phone without feeling one is better than the other.

    Catan Universe should take a note of that it is possible to make an app for all platforms without screwing PC users over...

  • Chess and Poker are small games compared to Catan. Another issue is that while playing Catan it requires trading and chatting to perform well. It needs much more player interaction than these games.

    Ticket to Ride does not have as much player interaction so it is OK to have the same UI for all platforms for it. But it is not the case for Catan.

    Mobile/tablet games are going to be simple. But when you want to go in-depth you should add more features. And it's easier to do on PC and nearly impossible for tablet - can't have so many bells and whistles because it's harder to navigate so much information without mis-clicks etc.

    So I still want to get an answer from @Administrator whether they will create a separate UI for PC or not. Having one and the same for all platforms is a huge oversight by someone in this development chain.

  • @Stroom You didn't understand me.
    The UI can be different yes. The underlying logic can be the same. It's some byte encoded logic and rules to keep on the server really.
    My example proves that it is possible to have a game that runs on the different platforms (PC and mobile) and you have two or more players taking part in the same game some on PC and some on mobile. At the same time in the same instance of the game. Understand.
    The UIs can be different. Doesn't matter.
    You could have a text version of Catan really.
    Just like with chess.
    You don't need the graphics at all.
    It's not a shooter.
    However, Catan Universe have failed at doing it.
    They could have easily made different UIs but ...

    The Poker app has also chatting. It has betting which you could translate to trading in the Catan world.

    I strongly disagree with the notion that Catan is any much more difficult to represent than Chess or Poker!

  • @roadwolf123 I see you're banned but I'll answer anyway.
    The UI for PC should be different from tablets. That's for sure. But currently they are pushing the same UI for everyone. This is my main concern. Yes, the server communication and response logic could be made good for both clients. If a tablet is playing PC, the PC will have more information available and it might give PC a bit of an advantage IMO. But that's OK I think. Still, as I said, the UI is currently the same for all platforms and that is bad.
    It's hard to do trades, counter-offers on mobile client because the screen is tiny. It has some issues. Also the statistics and chat are going to be too large. And chatting, which IMO is one of the important elements for playing the game, is really hard with mobile. So it gives some imbalance to the whole idea. But whatever.
    You're saying that in minimal we don't need much for Catan. Yes, it is true to some extent. But if you want to play in a "hardcore" way, you need to have statistics, chat, counteroffers etc at your disposal.
    Yes, the graphics don't have to be fancy, but what we need is a lot of information on one page and easy to read. This is what USM hasn't done yet for PC clients.

    Catan IS more difficult than Poker and Chess. In Chess, you only make your move and don't talk at all. No player interaction. In Poker, you only bet, call or raise. You don't really use the chat that much. In Catan, you want to talk to other players to move the robber to some other location, you want to counter-offer trades, you want to tell someone that another player is about to win. There are so many things and in mobile client it's really hard to offer all these things in a good way. Chatting just takes too much time. And usually when you want to offer a trade, you will cover most of the screen. This is not the case for PC.

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