Playing more scenarios with friends. SF + CAK

  • Good day.

    My friends and I have been play CAK custom matches but then you can only play the standard 4 play board game.

    When auto matching one can select a SF and CAK scenario. Is it possible to auto match your friends to play these scenarios?

  • My family and I play custom matches of C&K with a Seafarers scenario all the time, but we all have purchased both expansions. If you don't have the Seafarers expansion, those C&K scenarios won't work.

  • @LemuelB2 So it does not work if one of the players only has CAK? Only the other 3 will be able to play it?
    I don't have SF and I play auto match matches with randoms on all the maps all the time!

  • I don't know about the auto matches, but for custom matches you have to have the expansion for the scenario you are playing.

    Also, there seems to be more possible scenarios with auto matches of C&K. During the last Seasons they had a Harbormaster C&K, but I don't see that option in custom matches.

  • @LemuelB2 Thank you..Playing a game on Sunday evening...we will see if we can sort it out.

    By the way...Maybe you and I can hook up for a game sometime?

  • @PhatHulk Thanks for the invite. I usually just play with my family or single player unless a season is going, but I will keep you in mind next time I am looking for a game.

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