How can i use the red suns ?

  • I now have 10 red suns, but I can't use them without first using my scrolls, which I bought with gold, mind you. So how can I use these red suns WITHOUT using up my expensive scrolls beforehand? I would like to keep them for tournaments. Or is that intentional and money is being pulled out of my pocket again here?

    If so, you have reached the maximum level of greed!

  • You can't use the suns if you have scrolls. They got rid of scrolls in the update, but they give you a chance to use the ones you already have. The suns are free, but - unfortunately - don't let you play multiplayer like the scrolls did.

    I'm not sure why anyone would have bought scrolls rather than buying the game. It's not like it's very expressive and once you use a scroll its gone. If you buy the game you can play unlimited multiplayer.

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