Collusion reports

  • I've never seen anything happen (in this game or the old one) where users are either friends, or 1 person with 2 accounts who collude against another. At least the old game you could see who played with who and pick them out. Is there a way to see other people stats and who they play with?

    For me, it's been (yes I've been counting) 15 straight games where I get robbed first... (wth with that), but now 4 straight games I just left as I'm getting gang-banged from the start, even when I'm not close to first. It's becoming unplayable when 2 players collude vs 1 from the start.

    Last game 4 to 3 to 2, and I'm still getting robbed by both (when I have 2). I literally can't do anything.

  • And yes I started reporting them, but I wanted to know of they do anything about this type of gameplay, or should I just create another account and do the same myself.

  • Happened to me and I yell in the game they laugh then I got pissed not got a one week ban....

    They also will report you to ban you if you call them out.

  • this is becoming more common. I've been playing over a year and this is getting more common. they don't attack other leading player they both nail the person in last place.

  • Just finished a game earlier in which I was the first robbed (which seems to happen all the time anyway) and was the only player robbed for the entire game by the other two players. Not once did they rob from each other. Really poor sportsmanship. Too bad for them I beat them both in spite of this, but it isn't much fun.

  • One of the drawbacks of being in the lead (especially in Cities and Knights) is you are more likely to be robbed. Sometimes players will rob from you if it looks like you might get Longest Road, Largest Army, etc. Or, sometimes if they see you get a resource they need - you will get robbed.

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