Server issues??

  • It seems like I've been kicked from my last game due to server unavailability. The game got stuck on the other player's turn. I could not even see my messages in the chat. I typed /reload (took ~15sec to start actual reloading) but instead of reloading the game as usual it thrown me to the main menu. After a minute of "Finding running game" i was kicked. It definitely was not my internet connection (I tested with pagespeed in another tab).
    Quite sad situation considering I was winning but instead lost something about 12 ELO. Is there anything players can do in this situation? Such technical issues make people angry you know. I think you need a way to cancel results of such games.

  • I think there was a post somewhere from the admin that said if you are playing in a browser and switch to another tab that it will disconnect you from the game.

  • The admin on the Discord server posted:

    "If you play via browser please note that changing windows or minimizing the browser will disconnect you from the servers (your kick timer will start)."

  • It was not kick-timer. I just could not reconnect. Pagespeed test took around ~15 seconds since I've just started it to ensure that my connection works and it's stable

  • And it happened again a moment ago. My internet connection is 100% OK but I got kicked for being disconnected for too long. I even lost nearly the same huge piece of ELO for playing with a bunch of newbies =/

    Could you please fire your server admins and hire someone who knows how to deal with high load apps?!..

  • @administrators @Developers
    You need to fix this. This happens constantly on iOS where massive amounts of ELO are lost simply because your terrible excuses for servers fail. Really?

  • This is a constant issue. I have lost more than 50 ELO because of this random behavior. The game gets stuck on my screen (playing on browser full screen and not switching tabs) while it goes on for the other players. I "/reload" and catch up until eventually the game becomes unresponsive. To think I actually paid for this. It is just horrible, please fix it!

  • @Geladaris_ It's happening to me right now!! xD
    @Developers @administrators Fix your game...

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