Pass and Play for iPad

  • Dear Developers,

    I have seen posts years ago in which it was stated that pass and play would not be bought to this app and there was no intention for it due to lack of demand. I believe this statement could very well be outdated, I would argue the only reason people are still purchasing Catan classic on the App Store is solely for this feature.

    It does not make sense to me that, what would be a relatively easy feature to implement would not be added. The iPad is a perfect form factor to share a board game with family and friends, requires less time to set up than the actual board game, and is a large enough screen size to be shared around, unlike the phone perhaps.

    Is there any chance that this feature could be developed in the future?

  • I believe so because like you said it would make Catan easier to carry around and also maybe there could be a mobile version of pass and play. It would be similar to Risk mobile.

    P.S. i am sorry for necroposting but I believe this is a main issue with the game.

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