Unlock with a scroll

  • Hey! When I unlock with a scroll for cities and knights I can only play the basic version i.e the Game. Unable to play the other versions such as treasure Island or Oceania or heading for new shores or 4 islands etc. Is it meant to be that way or am I only facing this issue? Thanks!

  • Do you own the Seafarers expansion? All the scenarios you mentioned require Seafarers.

    I don't think the scrolls work the same way they used to. I think now they work the same as the new Suns - unlock one expansion for one game in single player mode.

    I think scrolls used to be able to unlock an expansion for 24 hours and multiplayer access, so you could have unlocked both C&K an Seafarers to play the different scenarios. That's not possible anymore.

  • Ok thanks so much!

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