• Is it possible for people to cheat this game? When 8's are only rolled a few times in a whole game and the rest are 7's or favor the other players, it seems like somehow the game is being manipulated. It ruins the fun. Just wondering.

  • Just play more and you’ll see that the Dice sometimes goes for you as well ;)

  • I've seen some claims of people cheating, but I don't see how it is really possible. There have been claims that one person has multiple account names being played at the same time, or that one player had friends in the game ganging up on the one making the claim, etc.

    But really, if you are playing auto matches given the number of people who are online and looking for a game the likelihood of ending up in the same game with a friend or another one of your accounts is very, very small.

    As far as manipulating the dice rolls, they would have to hack the server or something like that to do it and I can't see that as being worth the effort.

    As the other post said, sometimes the dice roll in your favor too. You just tend to notice more when they aren't getting rolled in your favor. :smile:

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