Any players who haven’t updated the app to 2.0

  • Are there any players that haven’t updated to the v2.0 yet?

    There are so many negativity and complaints about it with bugs and issues that i haven’t updated it, so if you haven’t then maybe we can do a custom match.I think the old version still works well, but having problems when searching for players with the auto-match function

    Seriously these developers don’t care how players feel about the game anymore. Every update comes with new bugs. You guys should focus on fixing previously reported bugs first and keep the game simple as it meant to be.

    Anyway pm if you are keen or reply to this post.

  • @Mickyv11 As I said in the mail sent to support, I'm beyond frustrated by those bugs and the lack of interest from the admins. Me and all my friends had to buy the basic and expansion if want to play (a dick move considering no physical boardgame require such thing).

    At this point I might just want my money back.

  • I know the bugs are frustrating, but the game and expansions are fairly reasonably priced considering the board game costs around $60 US and the board game expansions cost about $40 US. The base game and the various expansions for the app cost only $5 US each.

    So, for you and 3 friends the cost for the base and one expansion is around $40 US and you each have the program, so you aren't limited to playing only with the person who owns the board game or having to shell out $60 each for your own copy of the board game.

    I know this doesn't make the bugs any less frustrating, and I do wish they would get them fixed soon. I had my share of freezing games. Just last night I was playing a custom match with my family and had my board freeze eight or nine times. The only way I even knew it was my family telling me on the phone it was my turn. Thankfully I was able to get it unstuck by typing "/reload" into the chat each time. I'm sure it is even more upsetting for those playing auto matches which negatively affect their ELO.

    I am confident that the developers are working to fix the problems. It's hard to keep making money from a program that doesn't work right.

  • @LemuelB2 the same disconnection and freezing problems have been going on for years. The game is broken and people still pay for it. Seems like it does not really matter if the game works or not, they still get money from the players who don't yet notice how broken the game is :D

  • @Stroom I know there have always been occasional issues, but it has been much, much worse since they released 2.0.x

    They had an announcement today on the Discord server showing what is supposed to be fixed when they release the next update and what they are still working on.

  • They have been working on issues since the beginning and it has never been right. Just a little bit less bad. But if you keep looking at the forum posts, they are 95% negative.

    Most regular players get tired after 6 months because they see that nothing has changed. You still have 3 months to go :)

  • @Stroom I may have only been on the forum three months, but I have been playing Catan Universe for more than a year. With the last update prior to 2.0 the program was fairly stable. There were bugs, but the freezing and connection issues with the server were nowhere near as bad as they are now. Hopefully the next update will fix some of the issues, maybe get it back to where it was stability-wise.

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