Why does the AI rob me and only me when I am in last place?

  • Why does the AI rob me and only me when I am in last place?

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    @evie15 If you have drawn a resource the AI needs it will try to get it from you

  • The damn AI is not able to understand that the other player also has that resource card in this case. This literally happened to me while playing a multiplayer game in which a player left who is replaced by the AI. That stupid AI kept robbing me while the other player was 4 points ahead and won easily. This is BS. This game is really like a student project, how can it be deployed while it has tons of bugs?

    The old playcatan website was incredibly good with respect to this junk

  • @PleaseBringOldCatan
    Yes, the AIs constantly pick on my wife, we don’t know why. Also we can’t tell the difference between the AI levels, — rookies, veterans, masters. They’re all pretty dumb.

    Basically poor programming, hope they fix it soon.

  • @Administrator you’re game clearly favors the AI. At least have the integrity to admit you’re trying to make it difficult in the laziest way by just programming it to favor the AI. I’ve played 20 games and every time whatever number the AI is on that I’m not is the most frequently rolled (no matter what number it is) and the computer singles me out constantly. It feels like I’m a child again, playing a board game with my older siblings and they’re ganging up on me. Worst experience I’ve had playing a game in a long time. I’m never giving this company another dime, on the board game or the online version.

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